it is Saturday.

A call to come in to work early. A headband pushing back my hair. A pile of work. A yellow robot sticker. Laughs with a co-worker. Exhaustion. A feeling of accomplishment.

Being held in your arms for a moment. A car door that won’t open.

The world outside is beautiful. February is fading into spring. The clouds paint a masterpiece no painter could replicate. The sun shines through.

A dirty car. A song full of memories playing on the radio.

A thrown-together dinner. I wait for you. Good news on my grandfather. I fear it is the calm before the storm but I stay silent.

I curl up in bed, listening to the soundtrack you suggest, and get caught up on what transpired in the online world as I wait for you. You pick me up for a late night showing of my favorite movie. Curled up with my head on your shoulder. Where I belong.

We laugh as we drive home  in the dark. A full moon in the dark, clouded sky.

It is Saturday and I love you.