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a single man stands at the front of a small room. A reverent silence muffles the dark-clad cluster of people. A looming box, draped in flowers is at his side.

“She lived to a good old age, survived by her two children, Jerry IIII and Lilly. Preceded in death, less than a year ago by her husband. She had a good, quiet life. She graduated from high school at 17. A year later, she got her first job. There she met and soon afterwards married her true love. 

“She graduated from college and got her pilot’s license very soon after. She had a few different jobs, until she got her dream job writing and photographing for a popular aircraft magazine and website. She and her husband spent some time traveling the world to further that career. Their two children were born and taken on brief adventures with them. 

“She was not a remarkable woman. But she loved. She loved God and she loved her family. Her marriage was a model for what good, happy, godly marriages should be. She and her husband were rarely separated and were always happy as long as they were together. They went through many hard times but always they had each other. 

“She leaves two successful children with their father’s dark eyes and their mother’s passionate soul. They in turn have their own happy marriages and small children, continuing their father’s name. 

“She will always be remembered as a spirited, adventurous woman with big dreams, long fingers that could sketch stories that touched the soul and a humble heart that did what it could to touch people’s lives while faithfully serving her Creator.”