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I told Mr. A how many people were following this blog – two new ones joined the short bus on it’s excursion through classic movies yesterday. “We need to watch more movies,” was his response. “To please our fans. Maybe we should watch two tonight…” he says

“What a great theme song,” he sighs, nostalgically as he gears up tonight’s selection…Terminator.

As the film opens, he becomes quite chatty. “This is one of the sad side effects of time travel….the late pickup of our garbage,” he begins, as the poor garbage truck is shaken by the blue lighting that seems to come in hand with traveling through time itself.

Mr. A is getting visibly excited, as the true, muscle-packed star of the show makes his dramatic entrance.

“Schwarzenegger looking like a million dollars although he probably made more for this movie. The perfect man. Hitler’s wet dream. Oh…look at that ass. Those muscles. This is what they paid him for.”

As other characters appear the history lesson from the man who has read more movie trivia than anyone I knew begins. (He actually reads trivia while he is watching a movie.) “There’s Bill Paxton. There’s Thomas Decker who later was famous in X-files. Now watch what happens to these guys who think it’s a good idea to mess with a naked, muscle-packed guy.” (He says this in a horrible Schwarzenegger accent and then insists that I note it down. I suppose he thinks this will entertain “his fans” as he calls all of you.)

“Look! He no sold it…punched him. Took them all out. Now this guy is the smart one peeling those clothes off for the psychotic robot,” he declares, as the Terminator faces his first obstacle to gain his fist victim, a badass pair of clothes.

“Clearly the robots are just going to win…oh wait…who’s this?” Mr. A says, (as Kyle Reese makes his first appearance) acting as he has not seen the movie before, (for entertainment purposes). “A human hero. Look at that…hit by a car and just keeps going. This cop sucks. He gets a nice trench coat for himself. A hero with style. See when you travel through time, you can’t have metal…that’s why come through naked. Don’t question how the robots can do it…they are wrapped in…an organic material.”

“What a great start to the movie. Here’s Sarah Conner….she would later marry James Cameron. Chain up her bad ass motorcycle. Wait….” he turns to meet, curled on the couch next to him with my laptop balanced on my knees for quick note-taking. “…hope it doesn’t get stolen.” He winks at me, a clever reference to the movie we watched last night, entirely based upon a bicycle theft.

“This is classic David and Goliath. This little human with his one sawed-off shotgun against this robot from the future with all the guns he just got.” Mr. A wisely mentions, continuing his poetic narration of the drama unfolding.

“Here’s Paul Winfield. He’s dead,” the history seamlessly continues, as the cops make their first appearance. “The guy on the left Lance Hendrickson was going to play the terminator. They went in a different direction when they got Arnold.”

“wow…everyone going into the bar at once,” as the terminator, the hero and the victim merge to their first chaotic meeting. “They must be thirsty,” he winks at me.

At this point, Mr. A says, “now put in your blog that I say, ‘you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” Evidently seeing Reece shot up and taken into police custody and Sarah crying, while the Terminator has escaped, put him in a romantic mood. *I must add to maintain the integrity of this blog that it is not true, merely one man’s opinion*

*On second thought, I should clarify this entire blog is based merely on two peoples’ opnions…*

“He looks pretty rough now.” Mr. A remarks, as the battle in the bar concludes and Arnold is left to tear open his bloody arm, exposing the metal sinews that hold him together. “Oh look now he’s fine….” (as he looks up into the mirror. His entire face is busted open. The damage focused on his eye.) “Oh maybe not…that eye has problems but it’ll be okay, after he pulls it out that is. Now that’s a good fake Arnold head. Oh well, he just puts on some shades. Now he’s even more badass.”

The scene moves on, showing poor Reese trying to hold up his unlikely defense against the police’s questioning. “They never listen to the crazy.” Mr. A laughs as he here’s me typing. “I’ve done it again! Another quote. They never listen to the crazies.”

“Here’s the famous line….”(again in a very bad Schwarzenegger impression) “‘I’LL BE BACK.'” And he holds true on his promise. He does in fact return with deadly consequences.

“Now all these’s cops who thought Reece was an asshole get to see what the terminator is all about. Look at this just mowing everybody down. He’s dead. He’s dead. Kick that door down. Now he kills the power so only he can see…he’s just a genius battle machine,” Mr. A says with a hint of admiration.

“Reese is quite a badass….pushing that car off the road. Kicking everybody’s ass.” Mr. A respects both sides of this fatal pair of warriors.

Sadly, despite his toughness, Kyle is suffering from a gunshot wound. He and Sarah share a touching moment beneath a bridge, as she binds his injuries. It is the first step towards the stronger, braver Sarah she is becoming.

Mr. A is visibly moved, “If I got shot would you try to fix me? Would you dig a bullet out of my arm? Would you suck poison out of my wound if a snake bit me.” He keeps upping the stakes, a lighthearted test to see how far I would go to snatch him from death.

I tell him that I will try but I strongly doubt that I would do as good of a job as she does. He seems to think that is good enough. He goes back to watching the movie in silence.

“Oh….look how sad the future is…That guy’s trying to catch a rat so he can eat it. At least, poor Kyle has the photo to give him comfort. At least for the moment…”

“How can you love someone you’ve only seen in a photo?” I ask, rhetorically.

“Destiny.” Mr. A states, matter-of-factly. Mr. A is more than a movie-connoisseur, a charismatic entertainer and a badass admirer. He is also a firm believer in love. I am lucky to be the main recipient of that and a fellow believer.

“Awwwwwww,” he murmurs as they first kiss.

After our heroic couple savors their brief respite between attacks, the action begins again with the most spectacular fight so far. One that concludes in a mind-blowing explosion.

“Kyle did it! He killed the terminator finally!” Mr. A declares (prematurely) “Oh dear….he’s still moving.” he stumbles. “Oh, now he’s dead. Ohhh….” as he starts to rise again.

(In case, this blog post has not made this painfully clear, Mr. A enjoys describing what is obviously happening on the screen and feigning surprise despite having previously seen it. Usually considered an annoying trait, Mr. A does it in such a charming way it never fails to amuse. And it is fascinating enough to have a whole blog dedicated to it.)

Sadly, he is incorrect. The Terminator is far from finished with his murderous rampage. He sheds only his outward human cloak to reveal his true metallic body. The movie takes a dark turn.

“Kyle Reese…” Mr. A says sadly. “…the true hero. Fought the good fight. Never gave up. Paid the final price with his life. Oh no! A legless body. This Terminator just never gives up.”

Finally the monster does give up, after his entire body is fractured into a thousand tiny shards by Sarah’s act of courage. She has reached her heroic peak that has been building through the last few confrontations. She has become the legend she doesn’t believe she could ever be.

She drives off into the sunset alone…or not so alone….a child…a hero of the future is growing within her. She is recording her diary for her son to one day listen to, like a family’s history read out loud.

A child at a gas stop where she stops snaps a familiar photo.

“There’s the picture. He always wondered what he was thinking of when she took the picture. She was thinking about how much she loved him. How beautiful.” Mr. A looks at me thoughtfully.

The entire movie is basically one long action scene. The only dialogue is merely added to the film to serve as a bridge between one fight/chase to the next. But it is delivered with such suspenseful music and unspoken emotion that makes it far more effective. It is a fast-paced, bloody movie with characters so strong and moving that it draws you in and touches your soul.

“Huh? What did you think? It’s pretty legit.” I agree, already pondering the words to put down here (obviously I thought up a few too many but you will just have to suffer through them.)

“Terminator 2 is even better in my opinion.” Mr. A remarks then trails off into singing to the closing credit song (which has no words)

Perhaps soon we will return to discuss this film that is actually better than the Terminator which I find hard to believe.