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“Are you writing a review about this? You should.” Mr. A asked as I grab my laptop. He has just fired up tonight’s selection – Peewee’s Big Adventure. He is right, I should and I do….well I guess you’ve noticed that.

We watch in silence for a few minutes. I expected a quirky, juvenile movie but it panned out to be even more quirky than I expected. However I must say I do envy Peewee’s kitchen equipment. I imagine I would laugh almost as often and almost as comically as Peewee if I had such satisfactory breakfast arrangements and such delightful fire trucks.

Mr. A suddenly stops the movie, “We’re seven minutes in. The next 83-minutes are exactly the same. A guy running around laughing weirdly and going around the world on an adventure. So if you don’t want to watch this, you can get out now.”

I tell him I think I can manage.

He starts it again. The chipper music filling our small apartment, as Peewee continues his morning rituals.

“The guy behind Peewee….Paul Robbin is a genius,” Mr. A says with faint admiration. He stops the movie again. “A goofy genius. He used to do this at gigs. A comic act for kids. He met Phil Hartman…a genius. Phil Hartman was Captain Carl a sailor. Lawrence Fishbourne joined up and did this character – Cowboy Curtis. He had Jombie the Genie. A mailbox…..” Mr. A trails off, lost in nostalgia. “Paul later cut Phil Harmon off. When it was time to make the real money, to make the movie, he cut all ties with Phil. Phil said he understood, but his feelings were still hurt.”

Finishing up this mixed history, Mr. A restarts the feature film.

The real star of the film is unveiled with all the pomp it deserves. “Look at this bad-ass bike. Look at Pee-wee looking at his bike….that’s love….” says the man I love.

“You’ll hear me a lot saying ‘this part is funny’ cause the whole movie is funny but I’m still going to say it,” Mr. A declares, after repeating it several times. He is in a chatty mood tonight. Which is very good for me and this blog. Any time you get to read more of what he says, and less of what I write, the better!

My favorite dialogue was born in the middle of the scene when Peewee is faced with a bar of rage-filled bikers who have turned their murderous wrath on him, until he manages to literally dance his way out of harm’s way.

“What do you even say about this…” Mr. A remarks, determined to say something regardless. “See Peewee has the charisma of 10,000 men that’s how he gets to live. And he gets a jacket and a bike. And look he’s going to be just fine driving away on his bike…oh wait, maybe not….” as poor Peewee catapults directly into the bar’s sign. “but he does get a biker escort.”

“Oh look he’s dead…movie’s over….” Mr. A says. It is rather a dark turn for a such a comic movie. “Or maybe not!”

Mr. A is clearly enjoying the film. He laughs regularly. I enjoy watching him enjoying watching the movie playing out before us.

Perhaps the noblest scene is the one in which Peewee risks his life but even more frightening, the chance of losing his bike again, by rushing into a flaming pet store to save a desperate looking puppy and his comrades.

“This is what a hero does,” Mr. A intones with great respect. “He could’ve just kept riding his bike but instead he helps these animals…..oooohhh, not the snakes. Leave them to burn.” Peewee is of the same mindset however at the last minute, he does something more heroic than even Mr. A….despite the fear causing him to faint, he succeeds in saving the lives of two handfuls of snakes. Whether that is a benefit for the world or not, remains to be seen.

Peewee’s Big Adventure can be summed up in a few short phrases……At first it seems like a movie about a guy but then it turns into a movie about a guy who’s lost his bike and then it turns into a movie about a guy who’s lost his bike and then finds it and makes a movie about it. Simple.

“This is a pretty accurate depiction of events…this is exactly what happens.” Mr. A points out as the film shows the film about the film.

Peewee’s Big Adventure surprised me. It was a movie made from a children’s TV series but it is pulled off with sheer genius. Quirkiness and good jokes carry the unlikely plot into an enjoyable adventure. The many interchanging characters are each fascinatingly complex.

If the world could be only a fraction of how cheerful and optimistic and determined as Peewee is, it would be a much better place. I would settle for just a chance to take a spin on the bike.

I must conclude now because Mr. A is impatient to read it and has asked if I was finished several times. He claims he is only eager to read his own brilliance. And brilliant he is indeed.