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Tonight felt a bit like deja vu. Based on the lovely Lisa’s suggestion, we watched Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It was a nice, funny movie…although it’s plot seems vaguely familiar. It is exactly the same movie as it’s prequel, except with the added incredulity that – wait…this has happened before. And that makes an faintly unlikely plot yet more unlikely.

Tim Curry absolutely makes this movie for me, as the hotel concierge. He is a marvelous mix of courtesy and suspicions. His sarcastic grin as he feigns severe politeness to his guests is a work of art. I wish I could watch a movie just of him being a coincerage….or a butler….that would be epic. Oh, that’s right he is the butler in Clue and it is a masterpiece.

Mr. A is on his game tonight, full of laughter and sage witticisms.

“This whole movie could not have happened today because they would’ve just called on their cell phones.” He turns from the movie to give me a raised eyebrow. I cannot deny this fact.

“There’s an un-ending supply of sad Christmas songs for this movie. I’m a tenderhearted boy.” He does look melancholy. I didn’t find it overly depressing, he calls me heartless for it.

“Midnight,” he intones as the excitement ramps up to the climax. “the witching hour. TIME TO THROW PAINT CANS IN PEOPLE’S FACES!” Although I hardly think it is the regular occurrence as he implies, it very well does happen at least this one time in New York.

It was enjoyable night. Perhaps my favorite thing about this movie was that it was suggested by someone who is actually reading my writing. So thank you Lisa. I wish you a very happy holiday season.

And Merry Christmas to everyone out there. I hope you get on the right plane to see the right families this year and I hope you have the opportunity to surround yourself with all the people you love. I know I am.