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Comedy. Classic. Adventure. Comedy. Action. Adventure. Pandemonium. Comedy. Ultra-violence……Great Soundtrack.

That’s how Mr. A describes today’s selection. Beverly Hill’s Cop.

About three minutes in, in the center of a fiery car chase, Mr. A wise intones, “This is the pandemonium I was referring to.”

I think my previous comments about his silence offended him. He is not a silent man.

Mr A is running commentary “This is the money shot!” “This is the best scene.” “Look at it…machine guns spraying everywhere.”

During the credits, there may have been dancing. And impressions.

I don’t know if he’s trying to entertain me or himself but we both seem entertained.

A few things to note:

  • “hey” is the best response to being thrown out of a window
  • The anti-banana disguise should be a requirement for on-duty police officers. Bananas and car problems are very dangerous.
  • Always use your partner as a ladder to climb onto balconies. It produces the best result…if the desired result is getting leaves in your hair and shot at

Beverly Hills Cop was a refreshing comedy that I greatly enjoyed. It is funny and thrilling. But I do advise you to find a movie-watching partner who laughs regularly and adds smart comments. Someone who can help you come up with the titles for your blog posts and kiss your cheek between scenes.

I’m lucky I have one….Mr. A.