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Mr. A feels like he is being turned into a character through the ramblings of this page. So I just want to make one thing very clear. Mr. A is a character. Of the most unusual kind.

His choice for tonight, after much deliberation, is the Usual Suspects. Unlike his usual witty, perpetual banter, Mr. A has nothing to say. “This movie is good and serious. I can’t think of anything humorous to say.”

I told him I’d tell the person picking the movies to do a better job of picking ones that would inspire blog-worthy commentary. He stuck his tongue out at me. So ungentlemanly.

“These guys are killing everybody.” Mr. A aptly comments. They are and they do.

Fenster was my favorite character (for a short while at least). Del Toro thought his character was boring so he started talking in a jibberish way. He annoyed everyone on set but he brilliantly stole the show.

I realized the plot twist and the final startling reveal fairly quickly but it was delivered in such cinematic brilliance that it was just as poignant.

“‘Sometimes the narrator lies.’ Mr. A. mused to no one in particular.” Mr. A is getting a bit full of himself….well staying full of himself.