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Our next adventure takes us to the dark world of American Psycho.

“Eerie, very eerie,” as the detective summarizes.

It is a driving  satire of a decade before I was born yet still rings true. A dark caricature of the self-absorption that haunts humanity.  It is fundamentally a story about a guy who wants to get caught and doesn’t get caught. He even confesses. And no one believes him.

My favorite scene is one the one that features the calling cards. How the slightest variations can be easily seen and admired by his peers. Men are easily ranked by the shade of white and slant of the font. How feeble this world is that it can be built on such shallowness

Naturally the book is much better. My spouse, Mr. A. reiterates. Like a broken record. The movie frequently pauses to allow for brief reminiscences into the variance of the book and the film and how much superior the printed pages are.

“It’s weird. Lots of dead bodies.” Mr A summarizes. And oddly, he is correct again. Then again, he just said that we should go kill some people and that doesn’t quite seem like the wise thing to do.

I learned that Mr. A knows a terrifying amount about psycho killers. Along the same lines as Patrick Bateman. I don’t know how much sleep I’ll be able to get tonight………….