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Part 2 of Movie Night #2 is the “spiritual successor” to Goodfellas…a number 2 if you will. Casino.

I will start off by saying this movie is second to none.

This movie has the best opening minute of any movie I have seen as DiNiro strolls out of a door in the most incredible cotton candy pink suit with a matching pink tie. Sadly the suit met a fiery end before it was even properly admired. It was only the beginning of the fatalities.

Despite the fact that it is a blood-bathed crime-ridden movie centered on mob-run casinos, I must say I learned a few things. Some of which were pointed out to me by the Spouse.

Lesson 1: If you see a pen, do not ask who’s it is. Put it in your pocket or leave it on the table. Trust me.

Lesson 2: Don’t mess with very small, very angry people (I forgot you can’t see me…I’m fairly short). So is Joe Pesci and let’s just say…he knows the location of several holes in the desert.

Lesson 3: Fake glasses/beards/wigs don’t work. Heart attacks can strike anyone at any time especially at casino tables.

Lesson 4: Money, jewels, chinchilla coats mean nothing without trust…you should always tell this to the woman you don’t particularly trust after you’ve given her the money and the only key to the safety deposit box. Because love is a tragic beautiful trap.

Lesson 5: The more outlandish the outfits, the more interesting the movie. The green shirts always go with green ties. Lemon yellow suits cut an intimidating figure. Knee high orange boots and the corresponding headband and rain coat is proper day-after-the-honeymoon attire to convince your new spouse that he married malibu Barbie. And in the occasion of your life and marriage crumbling, always pull out the orange suit jacket over an orange shirt tied together with an orange tie and topped off with an orange pocket handkerchief. That definitely sends the right impression.

Nonetheless Casino is a ruthlessly good movie. There are many memorable scenes…I know they are memorable because the Spouse has them memorized and has often quoted them to me. To be honest, he has given me at least two summaries of the movie but that did not lessen my enjoyment. The movie is based on a book which is based on a true story. I was lucky to have someone (the Spouse) who had read the book who kept giving me updates on the inaccuracies and variations in the stories. Because, as everyone knows, books are better than movies.

And real life is better than both books and movies. Sitting here in the dark cuddled up with my man. My tummy full of peppermint ice cream and a day with the family on the horizon. I am happy.