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In cahoots with last night’s glimpse into the crime world, tonight’s movie excursion takes us to California 1997 with LA Confidential.

“Oh boy,” is my mate’s summation, when the first crime scene appears on screen. “Dead people. The money is gone.”

For once, both of his comments are true. There are a lot of dead people and lots of blood. To be expected from a crime drama I suppose.

The movie is one not to miss. In fact, while watching, you must not miss a single second. Every time I glanced down to type out some notes for this post, the Mate poked me or whispered to look up, don’t miss this part! As criminals are confronted and chair backs splintered. To be honest, I’m glad I didn’t miss one minute of this fascinating and complex film. (But don’t tell him that.)

Movies in which the black and white world of heroes and villains is painted in the shades of grey more reminiscent of the actual world fascinate me. The idealistic young detective maintains his facade of morality through ratting out his comrades and heroically (and accidentally) being the sole survivor of a brutal gun battle, while his fellow (i.e. of the same occupation but barely the same species) hardened cop attacks woman beaters and cohorts with prostitutes. Yet somehow, the hero vein woke in both of them when the call arose. 

LA Confidential is a clever movie. Dark and brutal. It’s plot is intricate and the twist even surprised me. A definite success. My mate is quite on a roll. (but again, he doesn’t need to know….)

My mate cooked dinner, filling the apartment with the smell of simmering beef, so we could slurp spaghetti noddles while watching the murderous climax. He is currently doing the dishes before we pick the next film. I am a very lucky girl.