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Part two of moving watching night has finally been decided. *Que dramatic opening music* The Ninth Gate.

I did learn several important things during this 3 hour escapade into the realms of hell.

1) If any young, relatively hot woman who appears to never comb her hair is willing to join you on your quest to find ancient books and kicks a few bad guys in the face, be willing to follow her advice and open your car door for her. No questions asked. It always works out well.

2) Blue-flowered wallpaper does not in any way impede the enthusiasm of satanic worshippers

3) Never allow the deaths of everyone around you to deter you and even though you are pursued by satanic forces, if you have the charismatic good looks of Johnny Depp, you will walk away with only broken glasses

The only real question that persisted at the close of the movie was why exactly would anyone want to enter the Ninth Gate. Hell is a bit hot and being on God’s level seems like it would get old rather quickly. Despite the rather set-looking set, the plot was clever and interesting. The characters intentions were faintly unclear, except for the goal of taking whatever anyone else is pursuing.

But overall, the movie was yet another success. During the best scene of the movie in which a certain demented person accepted his place in the Black Book and found he was not immune to fire at all, the Spouse fell quite asleep, immune to the screams of a dying man. Thus the fourth thing I learned today was who not to count on in the event of a fire.