To date, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is not one of the glorious Kansas sunsets or the smile of an infant or the texture in a famous painting, but the momentary glimpses of a thick silver band tied around the finger of the man I love. His large hands contrasted with cold metal. The embodiment of the strength and beauty of a love that binds us together as man and wife.

In my humble opinion, it was the most glorious wedding. The plainness of the bride was overshadowed by the power of love between the pair. The cake was beautiful although I did not get a chance to taste it. The decorations stunning, each handcrafted by women who adored the happy couple.

The weather was immaculate. The first cool-with-a-hint-of-a-breeze day of the entire summer tucked behind a day of storms. The morning brought clouds but as the afternoon and time of the ceremony neared, the clouds pulled back like curtains lifting just before the show began.

Every seat was full. A beaming crowd of friends and family. The ceremony was beautiful. With tears and laughter in turn. Sealed with a kiss. And a triumphant high-five.

The reception was brief. A dab of cake on my nose. Countless pictures with my arm entwined in yours. 

Our new life began. We will never be the same. Never go back to being single. We are stepping into a new adventure of together-ness. I for one am excited.