I love Potential Me. I admire her.

She’s smart and confident and charismatic. She is organized and dedicated. She has studied the things she loves and has become an expert. She is a talented photographer and writer. She is dedicated to her job and excelling at it .Because she dared to leap into all these things with both feet and persevered through every challenge.

She has a loving husband who she never gets mad at because she is always considerate and diplomatic. She has a small, close group of friends. She is a competitor at video games and a novice chef.

She has found a haircut and a style of wardrobe that suits her and parades them fiercely with the confidence of a woman who knows her attributes. She is funny and charming. Not overly talkative but very laid back.

The only flaw in Potential Me is that she isn’t real. 

She is what I wish I was. What I hope I could be. 

I know i will never entirely reach that goal. Sadly I cannot be perfectly the person I want to be. 

Real, Present Me is a disaster. A clumsy, shy, easily frustrated sort of girl. Who doubts all her decisions and battles laziness and fear of failure. 

But there is potential in Me. Desire. 

And the love of a great man.

A man who sees when I am angry and does not question but folds me in his arms. A man who encourages my interests with buying me books and lifting me to reach for the stars. A man who says I am beautiful when I need to hear it. A man who can see that spark of potential and breathes on it to encourage it into flame. A man who takes me for what I am. Not what I could be. But still inspires me to be more.