You are all dressed up. Looking splendid and slightly, momentarily out of place. 

You kiss my cheek. 

I’m towering over you, an ostrich on heels too steep for my limited balance. But I hold my head high, relishing in my unusually proper dress. 

We are two of the many gathered here to witness a union. A wedding. Almost too lavish and expensive for our wide eyes to absorb. Cake and stained glass. Feathers, beads, rosebud boutonnieres. Pale blue and pearls. A man. A woman. A young daughter. A kiss. A union. A love that promises to last forever.  

But for me the most beautiful thing is your hand wrapped in mine. The glimmer of mischief in your smile. The tear in your eye. 

Because that will soon be us. With hands held and love en-clasped between our fingers. A set of rings. A kiss. Words that bind you to me. And me to you.

A hope. A love. A life that you almost believed had passed you by. A kiss to seal the promise. A new life’s beginning. Two becoming one.

I poke you in the ribs and whisper that I love you and that we are soon wed, to encourage the tears you are fighting back. 

A toast. Tiny mints. And sneaking to steal you another piece of cake. I sit beside you, our hands entangled beneath the tablecloth. Surrounded by distant friends. You laugh and talk. I stare at you. You who are so magnetic.

The partying begins. Music blares, coaxing victims to the dance floor with it’s energetic chaos. Guests getting drunk, one tiny glass of wine at a time.

They seem sad. Even in their drunken euphoria. Drowning their doubts in cans of beer. Dancing and laughing to hide the shadow in their eyes. 

You are the only stupor i need. I get drunk off the touch of your skin and the melody of your voice. The warm, tingling feeling that keeps me high is the feeling of your arms around me. You are that drunken joy that makes me forget the pain. To laugh and dance as this time and dreams slip away. As the earth catapults through the sky. As the end approaches. 

Your arm slips through mine as we sip water from our dainty cups. I kiss your cheek. You shout over the music that I am beautiful. The most beautiful girl present. 

We find friends and discuss wrestling and work, exchanging jokes. Well you do. I stand and watch, laughing and twirling a curl through my fingers. I never fit in. But I fit with you. 

I am with you. That is all that matters.You and me. I can never quite get used to how amazing it is to be US. The joy of hearing people link us together. Part of a team. Being on your arm, amongst your friends. Being the conspirator that gets to share your whispers, your laughs, and your kisses. 

“Thank you for joining me. It was a good night,” you say. 

I nod. The evening has drawn to a close.

The darkness is enveloping. Stars pepper the sky above you. The moon shines behind your head, highlighting your cheeks and hair with silvery light. It is you and me on this beautiful night. 

I smile at the unexpected romantic that has woken up inside of me. One of the many versions of me. I kiss you in agreement and climb into the car.