Someone called me “miss” today. 

And i suddenly realized that I would be a miss for only one month more. Then I shall be a Mrs. Your name shall be pinned to mine. It is all at once thrilling at frightening. The end of one era and the beginning of another.

I snuck into my parents’ bed to watch TV tonight. I was curled up between them. Alternately poking them and them poking me back during commercial breaks. 

Flashbacks to all the days of my father pulling on my pigtail as I was curled up in front of him, watching countless movies as darkness fell outside the shaded window. I hadn’t stooped to such childish behavior in quite some time but tonight I couldn’t resist. 

Probably never again. My long legs and big feet already take up too much room.

But soon I will trade in this lonely bed and remain curled at your side. To put my cold feet on you and poke you until you pay a ransom of kisses to make me stop.

This home is no longer mine. A month is all that remains until I find my new home in the space between your shoulder blades.