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We are not the only people in love. We do not have a great powerful love that no one else in the world has experienced. We are not better than anyone else. There are countless people who found soulmates and lived in long, blissful unions.

But we are happy. And that is a very rare thing.

When you take me home and I put my head on your shoulder before we get out of the car because I want to hold you close and cover myself in your scent before we part. You sing to the radio and kiss my head with your arm tight around my shoulder. I know I want nothing else. 

We are best friends. You make even the dullest things events full of laughter. When I am with you, I am myself. I don’t think about how I look or what I say. I am just reveling in the happiness of it.

When you look at me, your eyes have the joyful youth of a child still unaware of the darkness of the world. You look so young and innocent and happy. I want to envelop you in my love and never let you go.

I am not saying we will always be happy or that we are happier than everyone else. I just know happiness is a very rare thing and all of us creatures on this little world of ours are desperately searching for that elusive treasure. And we have it.

Yes, I still get angry and sad and lonely. Sometimes I am scared. Things still annoy me.

But I am happy. I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination. Your arms around me is the only home I need. And our future is only growing brighter.

We are happy and that is enough.