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They couldn’t help us. We were late. The woman we needed to talk to was gone. Our map was absent. We would have to try again.

We were attempting to rent the venue for our wedding. But of course, such things are never easy.

Could we just know if our date was possible? We were a bit discouraged at this point.

The woman disappeared.

I heard her voice before she rejoined us. The date was un-reserved. A spark of hope.

The woman in charge of the reservations came through the office on her way out. She was already off the clock but she heard our talk and lingered. She stayed to process our application, answer our questions and take our check.

I wrapped my arms around you and you squeezed me tight.The pieces are coming together. I have a date and a place and a time and a dress. I have a goal to reach for. A destination to run to.

A journey that leads to a life with you.