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Secondhand shopping is a God send. Estate sales, garage sales, antique stores and the like make my life much easier. And my wedding planning much cheaper.

Expensive tableware reduced to a minimal price. Random mirrors and napkin rings. Collections of glassware sold in bulk at half price.

Flowers seem expensive so I decided to decorate the centerpieces as my special event with a placemat in patterns of brown and cream. Then a mirror on top of which are arranged bowls of candy and glasses filled with beads and rocks and candles. Despite how odd that sounds, the light reflecting from the candles onto the mirrors and the shining glassware will turn the room into a fairy land of unusual pieces and romance.

I bought four boxes of dishes for a pittance and spent a lovely afternoon in the kitchen, washing them as the sun streamed through the windows and turned the glass into prisms. 

I imagine that the people who owned them previously would be happy to know their possessions have been included on such a joyous affair. Perhaps they have died and left the dishes they ate off of but in a way, they live again. Being a part of this new start. The beginning of Us. The birth of Mrs. M.

My heart rejoices that I have such an amazing family to support this celebration and even more at the prospect of what that day means. Being tied together with you, as one before God and man. Your wife. Through sickness and health. Through all eternity.

The joy in my heart shines bright than the sunlight reflecting off the bowl in my hand. You are brighter than the sun.