The moment you asked permission to date me and received the answer yes. We were already quite madly in love and it was a moment we had been waiting tensely for. You wrapped your arms around me in the tightest hug I’ve ever been a part of. Just pure joy seeped between us. I never wanted to let you go.

Our first date. We were wandering around without good planning but I was never so at ease with another person. We laughed and talked and ate dinner. I attempted to kiss you on the escalator at the mall and missed your lips entirely. We went to the park and sat on a bench and talked forever. The desire to kiss and youthful hesitation hung over us. As we stood up, you said something along the lines of let’s just do it and pulled me to you. We kissed. As we walked back to the car we walked over a bridge and you pulled me to you and kissed me again. The heart of a romantic.

The anniversary of the day you first asked me out (and I refused). I did not know it at the time. Through subtle hints I guessed what you were intending to do. The sky was cloudy but as the afternoon wore on, the sun came out. A rainbow appeared over the Rainbo bread factory. A stunning coincidence. You took me to the restaurant where we had our first date. A pancake place across the street from where we work. I was nervous throughout lunch, poking at my pancakes. Unsure when or even if. You waited till we left and then knelt in the parking lot. With a sweet, brief romantic speel, you asked. I said yes. 

Moments with you. They are my favorites. And with each passing day they get better and dearer to my heart. I know my future with you only gets brighter. I don’t know how that is possible, I am so full of joy and love, but somehow you always do the impossible.