Aging is inevitable. Death is too.

But life. Life is also inevitable. All of us must live just as we must die. 

The difference is we have a choice on how we live. So we have to live in such a way to make our death only a footnote. Only a pause. 

Live with no regret. Find happiness in the little things. Find someone to love and give them everything. They may take it and never give anything back. Don’t let that kill you. Pick up the broken pieces and try to start living again. Find things you love and surround yourself with them. Be happy.

Don’t regret. Do things you may regret. That too is inevitable. But don’t dwell on them. The past is the past. 

Find God. He is there. He is everywhere. Love Him. Learn Him. Find in Him a reason for living forever in His house. 

Wear your wrinkles as a trophy. A sign of all the laughs you’ve had. Greet your aches and pains as old friends. The ones who came in awe of the many mountains you climbed and adventures you had. 

Kiss a lot. Live each day like it could be your last. One day you will be right. 

Be the person you want to be. Love the person who is right for you. Never forget that death is only a fleeting thing because Someone paid the ultimate price and conquered Death.