The Ravenously Disappearing Woman 2.0

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Today’s Wisdom Wednesday post is brought to you by Amelia from snapshotsofawanderingheart.  Amelia is a young blogger who describes herself as “caught in that tenuous age in my life right between the endless possibilities of youth and the realities of adulthood.”  What an exciting place to be!  I think it’s equally exciting to  share Amelia’s perspective on wisdom!


Wisdom is:

To me, wisdom means choice. I’m not implying that if you make bad choices, you are unwise, or if you are unwise that you always make bad decisions.

Wisdom is knowing what life to choose. What mindset to apply to all of your life.

Wisdom is having the foresight to choose not prosperity, but contentment. It is the ability to find happiness in every situation, because life is a series of rises and plummets. It seems no matter how high you get, the next fall is of equal or greater…

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