The Power of Names

My name is unusual. It has to be repeated at least four times before a person can understand it. It means hard-worker. Which is actually pretty true.

I was named after a famous aviatrix. From her legacy was born my interest in flying and some of the best moments of my life with the world beneath me and the stick in my hand, born on the wings of airplane. 

Your name means sacred name. You are sacred to me. You are beyond meaning. You are named after your father and he after his. You are the third. But you will always be the first to me.

We already have our children’s names picked out. If we are blessed with such a thing. A male will be named after you. A fourth sacred one. The only hope of carrying on the name of the man you love so much.

A female will be named after a flower. A nod to my middle name and one of the many nicknames you have for me. A reference to a great grandmother I never knew. 

Your name is the most beautiful word. It introduced me to a world of love. I smile as it crosses my lips, because I get to call it mine.