Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert. 

My mother makes all kinds of incredible sweets. Cheesecake and raspberry chocolate brownies. Oreo fluff and dipped strawberries. Pies in every flavor. Truffles rolled in chocolate. Cakes stacked high and smeared with frosting. Creamy puddings and piles of round cookies.

Sweet paradise.

But my favorite and the most popular at every party is what we call Odellia’s cookies, after a relative who invented them. They are easy to make and a mix of sweet and salty. The perfect blend.

I remember mom making them lots of times, anticipation of parties or snacks after dinner. I even got to help her several times.

Tin foil to cover the pan. Lining out saltine crackers along the bottom of the pan. A layer of brown sugar and melted better, poured steaming along the top, spilling through the cracks in the crackers.

A layer of melted chocolate chips comes next. That one is slightly more tricky. Getting the chocolate to melt enough to spread but not enough to liquefy. 

A dusting of almonds was sometimes added to the top. 

Done. Some time in the oven and an amazing treat was born. Simply break them apart and you have beautiful, square cookies that taste and look uniquely divine.The bottom is salty and the chocolate silky with the brown sugar to hold them together. 

Every time mom made them, she would call up the stairs. My sisters and I would hurry down and scrape the brown sugar and chocolate off the tin foil, like savory and precious nuggets of gold. And steal cookies when her back was turned.

They are addictive and amazing. Made with love and a hint of memories.