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I love beds. I love the warmth of sheets and the luxury of pillows. I love catching a few moments of peace lingering in the bed’s warmth, pondering your dreams and your day before rising.

I dreamed of papa. I dreamed that he was with us. Well and happy. I was taking as many photos of him as possible so I could preserve his memory. I miss him.

I turn on some music and stagger reluctantly from bed to face the day.

Hugs are the best things in the world. Hugs from you. Being held so tightly. The feeling of being needed and crushed in a lover’s embrace leaves me breathless.

You tell me I look amazing. It’s funny how the right person’s attention is the inspiration to keep up mundane chores like dressing. Gives them purpose. The look in your eyes makes me feel beautiful.

You say I smell like amazingness and coolosity and Mt. Dew and sweat and hair spray. A potpourri of awesomeness. It is odd but beautiful poetry.