Tell us about a situation where you’d hoped against all hope, where the odds were completely stacked against you, yet you triumphed. Be sure to describe your situation in full detail. Tell us all about your triumph in all its glory.

Love faces all obstacles. Time and distance and criticism. Doubt and fear and separation. Other people. Other thoughts. Other obstacles. 

But love conquers all. 

You are my triumph. My glory. Because you and I faced the world and we conquered. We found love and we hung onto it. We ran hand in hand and proved everyone who doubted that they were wrong. 

We saw the most beautiful thing in the world and we went after it. Our own hidden treasure. It is ours now.

No one can take that away from us. We are happy and together. 

Many more problems will spring up no doubt. But we will face them with our hands still entwined.