A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? 

Heart of Gold by Neil Simon. It brings me back to the days when we first met. When you had a crush on me and I was oblivious. It reminds me of the time as we began to fall in love.

Heart of Gold is also the name of the renowned spacecraft in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A book you told me about excitedly and then gave me your copy. It was the beginning of an unfolding of common interests and simple acts of kindness on your part that brought us together.

On one of our many notes passed back and forth via bulletin board, you drew the Heart of Gold. We would go on adventures together, you wrote, on our version of a spaceship – your dilapidated car. You said you could barely wait to head out, with me at your side and the world ahead.

The TV show. Made in Britain based off the Hitchhiker book. You loved it too. Naturally, it was so obscure, no place near us had it. You went on a secret road trip to find a copy for me. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. 

The Neil Simon song made it onto the first playlist you made for me. Which takes me back to all those hours spent listing to the songs you had selected for me and thinking of you. Of telling you what I thought of every song and of digging through my own musical library to piece together a playlist for you to listen to. Of falling in love with new songs and new artists, just as I was falling deeper in love with you.

Our hearts intertwined to the rhythm of the Heart of Gold.