I miss you all the time.

I miss you during the day. As the long hours slip past and you are far away from me. When I think of all the things I want to say and see. How I long for your voice and your eyes and your arms around me.

I miss you in the morning. When I’m first waking up and I don’t want to leave my bed. When I’m getting dressed and wishing you were here with me, to kiss my ear and tell me I am beautiful.

I miss you in the afternoon. When we are talking during your lunch break. You send my photos. But they are not you. 

I miss you in the evening. When the night is growing dark and I’m tired. I need the safety of your arms and to hear about your day from your lips not cold words.

I miss you when I’m eating and I wish you were next to me, sharing bites and making toasts. I miss the heartfelt, brief prayers you say, clutching my hand. I miss the way you chew.

I miss you when you are with me. And I know it will end soon. That you will eventually have to go.

I miss you when you are gone. And the void of your absence threatens to swallow me whole.

But I miss you most at night. When exhaustion is threatening to carry me off to sleep. In those moments of pure, poignant thought before slumber, I miss you the most. I imagine your arms around me and your breath against my neck. It is the only way I can defeat the gaping loneliness and find peace in the realm of rest. 

I miss you. But I know it will not last long. Soon I shall be with you again. Someday I will be with you always.

On those long days, you will be by my side. Our mornings will be spent, curled up under sheets, ignoring the needs to get up and be productive. Meals will be cooked at our own hands and eaten around the same table. Nights will be beautiful with your arms to hold me safe through the night.

I miss you. Because I love you. I need you with me all the time.