What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

I danced all the time as a child. The day I remember the most is one afternoon with the sun shining through the kitchen windows, dancing between the sink and the table. The radio was loud, playing Lorrie Morgan’s My Night to Howl. 

My sisters and I were dancing like wild things. We had choreographed dance moves to mimic the lines about war paint and howling at the ceiling. Why my mother was allowing such hooligan behavior, still surprises me. 

We were very happy. Maybe that was why she was uncharacteristically quiet about our misbehavior.

I took dance lessons for a few months and even did a skit. But that is the day I will always associate with dancing. Not because our random gyrations and off-key singing could actually qualify as dancing, but because that was what it was….sheer, effortless dancing. The pure enthusiasm about a song that cannot be contained, but must inspire movement. Movement without thought of dignity or anyone watching.

My two sisters and I were the epitome of closeness. We spent many afternoons playing together and we danced a lot. In the car, in the attic, in our room. But that day stands out in my memory. I don’t know exactly why. I remember just looking at them and feeling utter freedom. Being happy. 

Carefree and euphoric at the simple thought of being alive.