I love you but it goes deeper than even that. I love us.

I love the way your arm fits around my shoulder and the way my head fits beside your neck. I love the face you make when you first see me, hands out, eyes open wide, eyebrows up. As if in awe. I love the way we can walk around a store and talk only in inside jokes that would confuse any listener. I love the way, with just hand motions and winks, we can share an emotion.

I love the way we both know exactly what the other will like. I love how you know when I’m mad and when I’m faking it. I love how we can sympathize perfectly and end any argument with five seconds of debate, simply because we understand where the other person is coming from. I love how you talk about me when I’m not around. And when I am.

I love how we share the same taste. I love how we can talk all day and maintain a comforting silence. I love how the minute you leave, we start messaging each other. Because we are addicted to each other’s minds. I love how we have little, repetitive banters. I love how you support me in everything and thing I can achieve anything.

I love how our hands find each other. I love how we are perfectly comfortable with each other: no masks, no pretenses, no hiding. When no one else understands, we both do. Nothing is ever awkward between us. 

I love how we can spend hours together and never grow bored or restless. I love how I can tell when you are starting to get mad at someone and how I can also tell when you are restraining it for my sake. 

I love how much I love you. I love how we belong together.