I have never been dumped. And I have never dumped anyone. That is the blessing of finding the right one the first time. 

But I have rejected a few guys. And chosen to move on from another. 

It is an odd feeling being asked out and knowing you will refuse. It’s crushing in a way. You don’t know how important your response is to the other person but you always fear the worst. Two of the guys who had asked me out were players. They had asked out every other girl nearby. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time. It still stung to tell them no. 

But, in the end, every road led me to you. Every person I said no to, including you, Yep, the first time and the second time, my current fiancee asked me out, I declined. 

The time wasn’t right. But he was patient with me. Soon the time was right and love conquered all.

Every choice we made, every person dumped was the way God chose for me to give me this happiness.