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I am no longer a girlfriend. And I hope to never be one again. I enjoyed my time as one even more than I had expected to. But now my role is different. You could say I got a promotion.

A certain guy asked a certain question and now I am a fiancee.

My true love poured a lot of thought into picking just the right ring, just the right day and just the right place. He got on one knee and popped the question.

I guessed just enough in advance to be shaking with nervous excitement. I kissed him and pulled him up. I attempted to say no as I joke because I refused him the first (and maybe the second) time he asked me out on a date. But all I can say is yes.

With all my heart. Because that heart is yours.

Soon we will share a house, a last name, a blender, a car, a life, a future. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Because it is beautiful when you are in it.

Thank you for taking this step with me, my love. You are an amazing, dashingly handsome fiancee and I know you will be the perfect husband. I hope I make you happy too.