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I love the smell of rain. I love getting out of the car as a song plays on the radio and that same song playing again when you get back in it hours later. I love warm blankets. I love Reese’s peanut butter cups. I love learning about photography…shutter speed and development and the like. I love muscular hugs from the one I love. I love how peaceful my cat looks when he is sleeping. 

I love reheating leftovers and them still tasting as good as the first time. I love when a co-worker says they like working with me. I love the comfort of climbing in bed when I am exhausted. I love washing dishes. 

I love you sending selfies when I miss you the most so I can stare at you. I love bookstores and hot showers and kissing your cheek. I love how pretty my sister looks as she peers closely at me to help me put makeup on my nose to cover a lingering acne spot. 

I love riding in your car, even if it takes a bit of effort to get in it. I love wearing the necklace you gave me. I love looking at photos of homes and the unique ways people decorate them, that make my imaginations take flight. 

I love Sleeping At Last. I love getting notes on my writings. I love my family.

I love my life.

Today, I let stress and worry cloud my mind. To get the best of my emotions. I’m taking this moment to give thanks and remind myself how beautiful the world is. And my life in particular. Thank you.