I am a pretty easy going person, although I can hold a grudge for an epic length of time. There is one major characteristic I cannot stand in someone else. Hypocrisy.

I’ve had several encounters with people who use God as their shield to protect whatever selfish, greed, anger or pettiness that lingers in their hearts. There is no counterargument to them. If you fight them, you are cast as the Evil One. If you let them slide, they will tear everything you love apart.

As they whisper they will pray for you.

They have full assurance that they are in the right and you in the wrong. Even though their own actions, are often very similar or even worse than the person they are focused upon forcing into repentance. They make the love of God a mockery and force people away from His love. They shed darkness on all of his followers and give them a bad name.

They tempt the tenderhearted into their fold and then abuse them. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The dagger in the night. The evil hearts behind the mask of virtue.

I am a Christian, proudly. But with it comes the temptation to let the quest for righteousness make you feel better than your neighbor. God forbid that this should be!

For we are all a mess, all sinners, all handicapped leaning upon His forgiveness.