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I am a dreamer and my heart belongs in the sky. But a rascally boy stole that heart and shifted my dreams a bit.

I am named after a famous pilot because of my father’s love of aviation. That began the dreaming. At 12, I first flew in a small Bonanza. It was love at the first moment as the wheels left the runway.

A few years later, I began flight school. There have been many bumps in the road, including a bump off the runway and into the fence. But I am still pursuing the dream of my pilot’s license.

I wanted to travel. To be an airline pilot or something along that line. To see the world from above.

Then I met a boy.

Now I want to stay here, cook his meals, relish in his smile, tend his house and have his children. And keep flying.

So the dream changed. I would love to have a small, local piloting job. Maybe small flights at one of our local airplane factories or teaching flight school. It takes a lot of testing and schooling to become an instructor but I think I would enjoy it.

The ultimate dream, although unlikely, would be to write and photograph for aviation. Perhaps a blog or articles for a magazine or website. To be paid to do what I love. I know the field of people wanting to do that is much larger than the demand but perhaps I will get lucky. If I work hard enough.

Dreams are beautiful things but I do not know where my steps will lead me. My dreams may change again. Only God knows. But, you, my love, are my ultimate, final dream. No matter how I make my living, I will be happy if I am with you.