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It is Friday.

A quiet morning. Love songs on the radio. A flower in my hair. 

The night was restless, full of bad dreams. But they do not linger. 

Writing and struggling with my camera.

Work. Exhaustion. Repetition. My boyfriend. He makes me laugh. A woman asks about my Valentine’s plans and sympathizes with me. A co-worker asks what we are doing for our first Valentines. Oddly, I find it very thoughtful.

The night is almost over. A surprise gift from the boyfriend who swore he bought me nothing.

A kiss in the parking lot before we part. Which develops into several. My hands are cold. He holds me and looks me right in the eyes and says that he means it when he says I changed his life so much and for the better. 

It strikes my heart. I love him so much. His face looks so pale and happy in the darkness. My amazing Valentine.

It’s Friday and I love you.