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I wish there were such things as genies in bottles, fairy godmothers, and wishing wells. That in an instance, dreams could come true. It would make life significantly easier.  

Imagine an alternate reality where this was possible….beautiful.

And three wishes became my possession.

Obviously, I would wish for infinite wishes first off. And spend my life wasting miracles on anything that suited my fancy. If this was beyond the rules (somehow the best options always are in the case of magic or at least come with a pretty hefty curse), my three wishes would be as following.

Number 1. Money. I know it sounds shallow, but I would wish for financial plenty for me, my love and my close family. Just imagine, not having to worry anymore. Not billionaire, spend-all-spare-time-counting-gold-coins sort of rich. Just enough figures in the bank, to never hesitate. To always have what you want and what you dream of, without having to worry. Without having to work. Then I could travel, buy as much full price (Imagine that!) clothes I wanted, buy a plane, set up my entire family to just relax, skip work and be monetarily content for the rest of their lives.

Number 2. I would wish that my sister’s boyfriend would quietly disappear with a really good excuse so as not to break her heart too much and her soulmate would appear. That she could be happy and in love.

Number 3: I would wish for a long, joyous relationship with you. That we can both grow old, hand in hand. That you would live to a significant age, in remarkable health. That we would be happy together. Forever.

So for now, I’ll be combing the forests for fairy rings, staring at the sky for falling stars, blowing out candles, and watching the clock until 11:11 each night. I am sure with persistence, I will eventually win some wishes.

And I will go about making my own wishes come true until then.