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It is Thursday.

The odd adventure of second-hand shopping. A few trinkets found among the big-eyed dolls and forgotten Christmas ornaments. 

A brief shift at work. It seemed almost an afterthought. You sitting in the car waiting for me, behind your sunglasses. 

The guy frying our food at the Mongolian restaurant, calling me pretty as he extended my plate to me. In a day of self-consciousness. Those come to often.

We meander about our boring city as night falls. A full moon.

Apologies spill from your lips. Your perfectly shaped lips. On your freshly shaved face. I love the feel of your cheeks on my fingertips.

The rent was due this month and the phone bill (our phone bill). You don’t have much cash this week. You dreamed of flowers and sweets and gifts for our first Valentine’s together.  Instead we have noodles, an office supply shop and Keurig coffee cups on clearance.

I kiss your head. Trying to make you see. Flowers fade. Chocolates get eaten up. Sure they make me happy but so does the vibrate of my phone when you message me and the way you say I’m stunning and the way our hands fit together. The way that staring at time clocks and spinning in office chairs make the world stop. You and I are alone, surrounded by happiness.

I demand one present: for you to stay late, put off going home. A few more minutes to relax, surrounded by your arms. The smell of your skin lingering in my nose.

You whisper about our past. About the things we’ve done and shared. The things I’d almost forgotten. Our evenings spent, catching brief moments, hugging in the parking lot. Waiting for me, when I returned from out of the country and how tightly you held me. The first time we touched. Our first kiss. How innocent we were. How completely euphoric. 

In some ways, we still are. Now a bit more burdened but still fitting together like puzzle pieces. Meeting every need, saying all the right things to make the other laugh. There are more silences. But also more sharing. The peace of knowing someone knows you completely. And stays. Soulmates. 

It is Thursday and I love you.