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It is Wednesday.

Homemade cookies. Rising temperatures outside. Sleeping late, surrounded by soft pillows. Selfies sent from my handsome love as I wake.

My mother is sniffling. Outright tears when I was headed out to work. A person can only say strong for so long. 

It’s fascinating how finding a new movie to love, or book or album, can brighten a day and bring comfort to a restless soul. I found one of each today. A reason to smile.

Work. Clothes. Hangars. A woman in a flowered sweater smiling for no reason. Receipts. Phone calls. A Mt. Dew. Crumpling into a chair during break, as singers serenade in glaring gowns and unshaven cheeks to win some award or another.

A kiss in the parking lot.

A drive home in the dark. A dirty windshield. Undeterminable leftovers. A few minutes in a microwave and drowned in cheese. A discussion of the Olympics with my sister.

The climb up to bed. Today I am both happy and sad. Content. 

It is Wednesday and I love you.