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Date a man who makes you laugh. Date a man who loves music and sings with the radio. Date a man who stares at you like you are a goddess when you sing too. There will be many adventures ahead of you. Scary ones when you will need laughter and lots of singing. 

Date a man who loves comedies. Date a man who has amazing memory. There will be many opportunities for slyly referencing things no one but you two understand. Find a man who will notice it and deliver them well.

Date a man who wins your heart with drawing stick figures and saying your face should be on Mount Rushmore. Date a man who forbids you to call yourself fat. Date a man who runs his fingers along the body parts you hate, with awe in his touch. Date a man who tells you that you are full of life and beautiful. Every fucking day because every day you will need to hear it. 

Date a man who idealizes pro wrestling, until it changes him into a larger-than-life bundle of sheer charisma that attracts friends like a magnet. Date a man who drinks coffee like an addict, because through it, he will make a connection with your mother. Date a man who has a story for every occasion. Because life is short and sometimes you need to be entertained.

Date a man who has been through rough times. Date a man who knows how to kiss your head. Date a man who knows what to say when there is nothing to say. Date a man who makes you laugh at a funeral, not in disrespect but in hopes that there is life even through pain. Because life is pain and you will need a medic.

Date a man who will talk to you all the time, every day, even when you just left him or first thing in the morning. Date a man who makes time for you and asks about whatever was troubling you last night. Date a man who can recognize what you will like at a store. Date a man who memorizes you and knows how you will react to most things. Your mind is a complex thing; you will need someone who cares to learn to navigate it and find it’s center when it is too dark for you to see it.

Date a man who calls you sexy, while looking into your eyes. Date a man who says that no matter where he goes, he has the best looking woman in the world on his arm. Date a man who wants to cuddle in your bed even when it’s littered with the tinfoil remnants of last night’s snack. Some days you just need to put on a skirt and feel like the sexiest lady around, and it’s empowering to have a man who admires you and craves you.

Date a man who makes you better. Date a man who has solutions for everything that is bothering you. Date a man who loves you the way you are and encourages you to become what you really want to be. Date a man who finds your secret dreams and then tells you that you are gifted at it. Date a man who is proud of you. Because sometimes you just need to be successful and feel accomplished; when you do, you need someone to just be proud of you. No matter what.

Date a man who wants to see you every day, even when you don’t want to see yourself every day. Date a man who will insist on buying you things, even when he’s a bit down financially. Date a man who will order things for you and then re-order them when they aren’t the right things. Because you are a mess. You need someone who struggles with funds to still think your momentary happiness is most important that what those pieces of paper can give him. You need someone who is patient with you.

Date a man who says he loves you daily. Because that is very easy to forget. Date a man who smells like home and tastes like freedom.

Date a man who is perfect. 

Wait….qualifications this precise could only apply to one man. The One Mr. Perfect. And he’s already dating me. I guess everyone else will have to settle for less. Sorry. Good luck out there!