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Yesterday, the world was like a snow globe. Cascades of light danced around the light poles, fluttering to the ground to land on coat sleeves and eyelashes. Today, it is slush. Brown and icky. Perilous ice is hidden beneath its surface.

I suppose that could be an analogy for how this world turns everything beautiful that it comes in contact with into rubbish. That people will tramp what is good down and mingle it with its own dirt. But really, what it means to me is that beauty is fleeting so dance as the snow falls but drive carefully as it turns into ice!

We are all beautiful and perilous and dirty and marvelous. We are all clean once and pure. We have all been damaged and trodden. Cursed and blamed. But unlike the snow, we do not melt. And the One who shovels us up can make us clean again and with His breath, setting us dancing through the air again.

An eternal snow globe.