I have nothing to say. I have great stories locked in my heart and great dreams lifting my spirit. But there they remain. The man who stole my heart encouraged me to make a blog and jot down what I am thinking about. To just let the words flow out of me. Thus snapshotsofawanderingheart was born.

I am just another girl. Insanity wrapped in a neat package of straightened hair and eyeliner. A bundle of goals constricted with a bow of laziness. Happiness that rises and falls like the tide, but lacking in the ocean’s perdictableness. 

I am a believer in God, who regularly falls down or skips my exercise routine but dreams of one day being strong. I am a massive dreamer. I am a contradictory pile of emotions.

I know the sort of woman I want to be, but most days she doesn’t look very much like me. I am constantly tripping and then getting up again, striving to return to the path I want to be on and toward the future I aspire to. I am messy hair and stained shirts, piles of books and pocket watches. I am a lover and a thinker. A hoper and a striver. A saint and a sinner.

I am loved. I am happy. I am disappointed. I am a loser. But I will never give up. I am striving to be a light in the darkness. A life well lived. A ripple in the water of this world. A good memory to the lives I touch. A seer of foreign sights. A traveler of strange paths. A charming soul that seizes every chance and controls her destiny. A truster in the Hope that will not disappoint; a lover of the God I have never seen, yet still believe. 

A lover to the man worth all the love in the world.